Application Desk Opening Hours Inquiry
8 Yanai Port Building
  柳井港 ポートビル
30 minutes before boarding +81-820-22-2311
9 Ihoda Port ticket center
8:00-19:00 +81‐820-75-1575
10 Ishizaki Kisen
  (Inside Masuyama port terminal)
9:00-17:00 +81‐89-953-1003
11 Mitsuhama Port
  (Ferry ticket center)
30 minutes before bording
Application Desk
How do we use PASS?          
You go to "the Setouchi cycruise PASSapplication desk".
Staffs will give the PASS, and the PASS is available for 3days from day of issue.
When you buy a ship's ticket, please show the PASS to staff
If you need more details about PASS, please check here

Suou area
Bisan seto
Shimanami area
Hiroshima area

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Setouchi Cycruise PASS
"Setouchi Cycruise PASS " is very useful for cyclists who travel around Setouchi(瀬戸内)Region.
This pass will give a discount for ship's fare. Enjoy cruising and cycling !Your travel must be memorable one.
You can check time-table and each fare, if you click number


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