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Setouchi Cycruise PASS

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     About PASS

      <When you apply for Setouchi Cycruise PASS>
       @ Q: How do I use my pass?
       A: It's very eas. Just show your Setouchi Cycruise Pass whenpaying for your ticket and when boarding your vessels.

     A Q: 
Where can we get Cycruise PASS?
       A: Pick up your free pass from ticket offices and paritcipating local businesses and public offices

     B Q: 
When is Cycruise PASS Application desk 's opening hours?
       A: Please check it Cycruise PASS brouchers, and you can check it in our web site.

     C Q: 
How much is Cycruise PASS?
       A: Cycruise PASS is no charge.

 Q: We are planning to lend bycecles.Could you give us Cycurise PASS before we lend it?

       A:   Sure! If you finish to apply it, we can give Cycruise PASS.

     E Q: 
We are 5members group.Could you give us group ticket?
       A: A representative of your group need to write application form. After that, we will give PASS to all of

   <The way of using PASS>
@ Q: When will you check Cycruise PASS?
       A: Please show your PASS when boarding.

     A Q: 
I have one PASS, can my friend or family get discount ?
       A: You need PASS respectively.

     B Q: 
If we lost PASS , couldn't we get discount for fare?
       A: If you lost PASS , you can't get discount. If you lost the PASS, please apply for the PASS agein。

     C Q: Can Every route be available for PASS?
       A: PASS is available only。